GROHE Sense Trio bundle


GROHE Sense – the easy and affordable water detection system for entire home

Welcome to GROHE Sense, the innovative water sensor! Perfect for frequently used spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, this beautifully made battery-powered device detects the first sign of flooding and can even measure temperature and humidity. As soon as it senses unwanted water, a red light flashes on the glossy acrylic plate and a buzzer sounds so you can act immediately. And, as it is Wi-Fi connected, GROHE Sense sends an alert to your smartphone by push notification via app or email. GROHE Sense is simple to install. Just place the compact device on the floor where there is a risk of flooding, download the GROHE Sense app, register, follow the simple step-by-step instructions, and in less than ten minutes you are protected. Get daily updates of the temperature and humidity measurements so you can act to reduce the risk of condensation or frost. The energy usage is so efficient that the battery lasts up to four years. Stylish and user-friendly, GROHE Sense is the industry-leading way to create complete confidence in your home safety. GROHE Sense: Before a drip becomes a flood!

Tuotteen tärkeimmät ominaisuudet

  • 3 x GROHE Sense smart water sensor
  • Langattomaan LAN verkkoon, paristokäytöllä
  • Varoittaa automaattisesti vesivuodosta ja pakkasvaarasta
  • Päivittäiset tiedot sisäilman lämpötilasta ja kosteusarvoista
  • Vastaanota ilmoituksia ja muokkaa asetuksia GROHE Sense -sovelluksen kautta
  • Ilmoituksia LED valon ja värinän avulla sekä sovelluksen kautta
  • Asennus tasaiselle alustalle joka ei johda sähköä
  • Langaton LAN 2.4 GHz, WPA/WPA2 suojattu
  • Sisältää 9 kpl AAA paristoa
  • CE-merkintä
  • Valmistettu Saksassa


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